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Born in West Bend, Wisconsin Kent Eriksen was a free spirit who took off on his bike just after graduating High School. He spent the next 7 years traveling around the country on two wheels. Doing odd jobs to support himself, he eventually landed in Steamboat Springs, CO. Kent has so many great stories to tell, from camping in -44 degrees when he first moved to Steamboat to living in a tree house for five years in the woods. If you ever have the chance, ask him about life in his 20’s and 30’s and you will be thoroughly entertained.

Timeline of Events


Kent moves to Steamboat Springs, CO.


Kent started Sore Saddle Cyclery and Moots Bicycles with the help of several business partners. Being a natural innovator, Kent had many progressive ideas (such as the development of bar ends) which helped in his many business endeavors. Moots bicycles were built out of Sore Saddle Cyclery for supplemental income during the slow winter months. Pictured here is one of the earliest Moots bicycles built for Scott Bowers.


Moots Bicycles was gaining recognition in the bicycle industry as the use of titanium became Kent’s primary practice. Building custom bikes for professional cyclists such as Steve Tilford, Mike Kluge, Albert Eiten, and Andy Hampsten, also contributed to the growth and notoriety of Moots. Kent himself also began racing bikes and one of his biggest accomplishments to date was placing 19th at Cross Country World Championships in 1994.


Moots went under new ownership, but Kent remained on board and continued to help Moots’ succeed in the custom titanium bike industry. Brad Bingham also came on board with Moots during this time and worked closely with Kent until Kent’s departure in 2005.


After 25 years with Moots, Kent left and decided to create Kent Eriksen Cycles with the idea of being a small independent builder. The idea was for the bikes to be strictly custom made and sold direct to the customer. During this time, he also developed a new Cable Glider bike, which has been used at many ski resorts around the country for gondola evacuation techniques.


Kent Eriksen began to gain more recognition in the handbuilt bike industry by winning numerous awards from Builder of the Year to Best Road Frame to Best Titanium Construction. Brad Bingham also came on board in 2012 after his 15 year stint at Moots. Again working alongside Kent, Brad contributed to the success of Kent Eriksen Cycles with his impeccable welding skills and natural drive towards perfection and innovation.


Brad takes over Kent Eriksen Cycles, but continues to work side by side with Kent. Kent still works at the shop nearly every day and continues to create, invent, and come up with unique ideas both at the shop and at home! Ask him about the contraption that looks like a ski lift on the front of his property if you ever get the chance!

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