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Our Shop

Located in Steamboat Springs, CO, our shop is where all of our bikes are created. Machining, fabricating, welding, and design work is mostly done right here. From the design process to the complete build, we do everything we can in house.

We take pride in our home town, some call it Bike Town USA, we like to call it Titanium Bike Town USA. Steamboat Springs is the perfect setting for a custom bike manufacturer. We have plenty of roads and trails to test our products on and as avid bike riders, we do a lot of it. Many of our important work meetings happen outside right behind the shop on the trails of Emerald Mountain.

Feel free to stop by anytime for a tour and we’d be happy to show you around and show you our process. We have a select number of demo bikes we can lend out and we’d love to show you around the roads and trails of Steamboat! Give us a call if you plan to be in the area so we can make sure to be available for you!

Our titanium seatposts AKA, sweetposts are also made in house. Durable, user friendly, different color options, and available in 27.2 or 30.9 diameter, our seatposts have infinite adjustability to match your existing ride or Eriksen build.

Many of the machines in our shop also have a story of their own. Some have been used for over 20 years. Stop by for a tour and see them!

Custom and stock size titanium stems to match your Kent Eriksen Bicycle are also a signature product we create right here at our shop.

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