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Our Process

Typically we sell our frames and complete bikes directly to the customer.

Once you have contacted us we will send you a fit form to collect measurements and details of your order. From these details we can make a CAD drawing and you can decide if you want to proceed with an order. We require a $1000.00 deposit to initiate the process and get your order in the queue. We accept cash, checks, or credit cards.

Creating Your Bike

Brad will go through the process of planning and making the frame for you. He will ask basic questions about your riding history, style and needs. He will also have you take some various measurements of you and your existing bike.

When you agree on the final design, we are ready to go. Plan to be able to discuss the parts and components you plan to use on your frame. This information is very important in the final frame fabrication. If you decide to have us build your complete bike we are happy to provide a complete estimate based on your component choices and bike design. You are not limited to any certain part groups, we can configure your own custom package based on your needs. Kyle, our part guy extraordinaire, is very knowledgeable and helpful in spec’ing the right components for your bike.

We strive to build our frames in a timely manner. This means from the time you put a frame deposit down and give us the go-ahead on a frame drawing, you can expect to have a frame in as little as 8-12 weeks. Factors that may influence delivery include complex custom designs, current production levels and time of year (late Winter and Spring are very busy). Full suspension designs also may take longer to complete.

Why Ti?

Titanium is among the strongest, lightest metals on Earth. Titanium tubes are formable, corrosion-proof, highly resistant to fatigue and smooth in nature. Translated to riding, this means a responsive, durable and lightweight frame offering exceptional comfort while delivering performance and style. With a titanium frame, you cannot go wrong.

We stock solely American made, 3/2.5 titanium. Our inventory includes a huge selection of tube sizes guaranteeing the perfect frame set based on each riders needs. We hand select each tube size based on your design. The result is a bike delivering the ride quality you want.

Kent started using titanium in 1991 following his revolutionary work fabricating frames out of steel. Forever the innovator, tester and designer, titanium use was a natural progression. We are able to shape, form and fit titanium tubes specific for each bike we design. Our shop is full of specialized benders, squishers and shaping tools used daily in the fabrication of custom frames. As a skilled welder, Brad’s precise machining and experienced tooling make him a master of bicycle fabrication. With each made-to-order frame, our craftsmanship shines through in meticulous attention to detail, functional design and a flare like no other, delivering quality and perfection you expect from our hands.

Frame Color Chooser

Customize your ERIKSEN. Select your colors for head badge, decals, and more.

Ready to Order?

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