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Our Badge

Our Head badge design is in honor of Kent’s Dad, Leif. Leif passed away as we were starting up this new venture. Wanting to memorialize his Dad we used his Surname for the company.

We also are able to symbolically represent Leif and Kent’s heritage in our head badge design. Researching the history of the explorer Leif Eriksen we found many interesting leads on potential designs. What we came up with is a conglomerate of the various sail designs found on Viking ships.

These ships were used to sail into battle over heavy seas. Sails were colored with red stripes to symbolize blood, intimidating the enemy upon approach. The bird in our design is a rendition of the bird also found on many of Viking sails. We have modernized this bird to give it life, flight and movement. The bird species we have created is yet to be classified. Around the shop we refer to it as a “crow-magpie”.

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