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Mountain Bikes

With the Rocky Mountains as our backyard we are always testing new mountain bike designs.

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Full suspension, hard tails, single speeds and 2×9. Twenty-six inch, 29’er 650B and 69’er, the options are limitless. If you have not tried a big wheeled bike, now is the time! We make use of all wheel sizes and everyone in the shop has a personal favorite, and an opinion to go with it.

Check out the latest new, winner of the 1st World Cup of 2012 races to victory on a 650B wheeled bike!

Single-track is our home. Like you, we want to zip the curves, clear the drops, clean the logs and climb the techy stuff all from the comfort of our bike. Kent is non-stop in his discovery of ways to improve the imperfect. Be it challenging a new bike design, refining a component or wishing for something extra, nothing beats a builder who has first hand experience with everything he makes.

We make Mt. bikes with full suspension, no suspension or the perfect middle ground, a hard tail. Sorry, no soft tail designs here, just upsize your wheel for a better ride!

Challenge us with your ideas or simply ask for what you want for your mountain bike. We do not stock models; rather we build everything to order.

Suspension models offered

Brad Bingham designed All-Titanium, full suspension frame – 650B/27.5″ wheel and 29’er wheel.

A XC racer’s dream, designed for 120 mm front and 90 mm rear travel this bike is produced 100% in-house.

Hard Tail MTB – 26″. 650B/27.5″ and 29’er.  Fat bikes TOO!

Price (frame only) 44 mm Headtube Add 29″ Wheels Single Speed EBB Option Single Speed Sliding dropout Option Single Speed Horizontal Drop out
Hard Tail (26 &650B) $3,500.00 included $100 $250 $400-$425 $150
Bingham Designed 650B Full Suspension  $5500.00
Fat/Snow Bike $4000.00 Included N/A N/A N/A N/A



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